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Summer Expeditions

Imagine yourself driving a 4x4 through winding mountain trails and dense forests and staying at good quality camp sites which may even offer a restaurant, bar and pool. We are continuing to offer, as we have always done, trips for adults who simply want to explore the delights of a more exotic location than the UK provides. We are now also offering trips which are ideal for those of you who wish to introduce your family to the delights of off-roading, having shorter driving days and longer stays in family-friendly camp sites.

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Let the adventure begin..

Your adventure will begin when you meet up with our team at a UK ferry port. Each of our trips is different but you can be confident that we have prepared for every eventuality. Our Land Rover Defenders have been modified to cope with the rough terrain and will carry all the necessary equipment for the conditions. Your guides have many years of travel experience and have completed 4x4 and emergency First Aid training. They are experienced in vehicle repair and maintenance and will be armed with detailed maps of France, Spain and Andorra. The route you take will have been thoroughly researched and we use information gained from past trips to improve future expeditions. Your first night will be spent at a camp site in France before heading to the Pyrenees.

Although it’s a great experience to be spending time in the wild, we will stay at camp sites each evening so you can make the most of all site facilities

Our summer trips during the school holidays are great for those who wish to bring their children along. We aim to start out each day about 9am and be at our base camp by 5pm each day. Throughout the day, we will usually take an hour for lunch and will also stop often for comfort breaks, to take photographs and admire the spectacular scenery or simply to explore. All in all, we aim to be driving for less than 4-5 hours daily and we try to keep this to no more than 4 hours for family-friendly trips to ease the complaints of “Are we there yet?”! You will have plenty of opportunity to experience true “off-roading” and our route encompasses everything from rocky tracks to muddy lanes, through verdant forests and past lush alpine meadows.

Although it’s a great experience to be spending time in the wild, we will stay at campsites each evening so you can make the most of the site facilities. The days are generally very hot, and evenings are usually warm and balmy, but if we do experience a colder night when higher up the mountains, it’s good to be prepared. For the ultimate comfort, you can hire our nine-man Tipi which comes with a log-burning stove and reindeer skins to keep you warm. The Tipi is a warm and relaxing social space, perfect for sitting round with the rest of the team after a day on the road.

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Make this the trip of a lifetime.

Each morning you will awake to breath-taking views which your guide will capture on film, providing you with a fantastic record of the expedition to take home. Your days will be filled with some of the most exhilarating 4x4 driving conditions around. We are likely to follow a route encompassing the small village of Bossòst, located next to the Garona River. We may then head on to Andorra for some great duty-free shopping opportunities and from there, we will head east towards the Mediterranean. The diverse route will take you past mountain lakes and stunning waterfalls. Catalan tradition remains untouched in the tiny mountain villages and this expedition takes you far away from the heavily trampled tourist routes into a true wilderness experience. The wildlife here is amongst the richest in Europe and includes many birds of prey. This is an amazing opportunity to relax in such an unspoilt part of the world.

You will spend the last couple of days of your trip on the beautiful rocky shores of the Mediterranean just north of the Spanish border in France. This will give you time to sample some luxury, sunbathe and swim in the warm waters before returning home, ready to plan your next trip.

Please contact us if you would like further information on this Mudrut adventure!
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