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Spring Expeditions

Spring is a beautiful time of year in the Pyrenees – fresh and exhilarating, with trees starting to blossom and wild flowers everywhere. The countryside is starting to come alive after winter, although there is still plenty of snow around on the peaks and through the high mountain passes. The arrival of flocks of migrating birds means the dawn chorus provides the most beautiful alarm call you will ever hear! Come join us on our Spring tour of this magnificent part of the world.....

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Let the adventure begin..

Your adventure begins when you meet up with our team at a UK ferry port, or alternatively, we can arrange transport from your front door. Each of our trips are different, but rest assured that our guides have many years of travel experience and so are fully qualified to lead you. The route you take has been thoroughly researched and we use information gained from past trips to improve future expeditions. They have completed 4x4 and emergency First Aid training.

What happens when you drive off the ferry? The first night will be spent at a campsite in France, before heading to the Pyrenees.

Our accommodation for the trip

We will be staying at official campsites which we have used and vetted previously, where you can get a hot shower and use the washing facilities. There will also be opportunities for adventurers to cook as a group, outside, giving you time to take in the scenery, breath in the fresh mountain air, and prepare for the day’s driving ahead.

We also have a nine-man Tipi for hire, complete with log-burning stove and reindeer skins to wrap up in. This will be welcome as it may still be cold at night. Your guide will be taking plenty of photographs throughout your trip. Whilst those stunning views will remain in your memory for a long time, we’re sure you will appreciate a permanent record of them to take home and impress your family and friends!

If you want to enhance your trip by hiring our Tipi, contact us.

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We will be exploring some remote routes taking in some of the most dramatic landscapes the Pyrenees has to offer

Days are often warmed by the sun but there can also be a considerable amount of rainfall at this time of year. The weather and terrain provide a great variety of conditions for off-roading; you could be driving through thick snow and thick mud in the same day! Our route will vary but is likely to take you along ancient tracks used by smugglers in days gone by and will pass thick pine forests and abandoned villages. It’s an exciting time of year to be exploring these tracks as the region covers from the harsh winter. We will be carrying a chainsaw to deal with any trees felled by the conditions and you may even get the chance to help out locals with some minor road-rebuilding!

The route will then pass through Andorra where, during a short stay, the group will take a rest day to relax in the tiny principality. The capital, Andorra La Vella, is a startling mix of old and new and well worth a visit (even if it’s just for a little duty free!) This stop over will give you a chance to reflect on your trip over a few cold beers, should you wish, and start planning the next adventure!

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