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Pyrenees Autumn Expeditions

For many, autumn is the best time to visit the Pyrenees; the often intense heat of summer is giving way to more comfortable temperatures, although it can sometimes still reach 30ᵒ by midday! The summer sun has melted the snow from even the highest mountain passes which gives an even greater choice of routes for off-roaders to choose from. The autumnal colours are a glorious match for the spectacular sunsets - so why not join us on our Autumn Expedition and enjoy all this beautiful landscape has to offer before it is reclaimed by snow for the winter.....

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Let the adventure begin..

Your adventure will begin when you meet up with our team at a UK ferry port. Each of our trips is different but you can be confident that we have prepared for every eventuality. Your guides have many years of travel experience and have completed 4x4 and emergency First Aid training. They are experienced in vehicle repair and maintenance and will be armed with detailed maps of France, Spain and Andorra. The route you take will have been thoroughly researched and we use information gained from past trips to improve future expeditions. Your first night will be spent at a camp site in France before heading towards the Pyrenees.

We follow a mountainous route, with some breath-taking views

Our Pyrenean off-roading starts at the small village of Bossost, on the edge of the border with France. We follow a mountainous route and our guide will take photos of the breath-taking views, providing you with a fantastic record of the expedition to take home. This time of year is less crowded; misty mornings soon given way to clear blue skies and the deciduous trees start to clothe themselves with a beautiful array of colours.

In order to get the most out of the stunning scenery, we will stay at campsites throughout this trip. It will give you an opportunity to relax, unwind and breathe in the fresh mountain air. There will be opportunities to cook as a group, and you may wish to try some foraging for local produce – this region is known for delicacies such as walnuts, chestnuts, wild mushrooms and quince.

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It is a humbling experience being a speck in such a vast landscape.

As our route crosses the Andorran border, the terrain is rocky and home to occasional herds of cows and goats. Tor is a tiny village and one of the highest in Cataluna at 1,760m. It is located where the La Rabassa River meets the Vallpeguera Ravine. It contains ruins of a castle which was destroyed in the 16th century by the French and also Sant Pere, a 10th century Romanesque church complete with bell tower.

We will follow trails used by smugglers in days gone by – the dense tree cover provided them with the perfect cover to cross borders at night. There are some exhilarating mountain descents and fast-flowing mountain rivers along the way. We exit Andorra to the south-west and end the trip exploring this spectacular mountainous region. There will be chance to reflect on the splendour of the past couple of weeks before heading home, ready to plan the next trip.

Please contact us if you would like further information on this Mudrut adventure!
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