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Icelandic Expeditions

Are you an experienced off-roader in search of the ultimate thrill? Does the thought of driving along snow-covered roads in the dim blue light of the Arctic Tundra during winter, whilst chasing the Northern Lights, get your pulse racing? If so, our Iceland trip could provide you with the ultimate off-roading experience!

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Let the adventure begin..

This is an as-yet uncharted expedition for us but with our experience of trips to the Arctic conditions of Norway, we are very excited to be planning another snowy adventure!

Your guides have many years of travel experience and have completed 4x4 and emergency First Aid training. They are experienced in vehicle repair and maintenance and will be armed with detailed maps of your expedition. Our vehicles will carry enough provisions to keep everyone going for up to three days. They carry a satellite phone to ensure communication with the outside world is always possible, even without cell phone reception. CB radios are fitted to the lead vehicle, as well as customer vehicles, so that your convoy can always remain in contact. Therefore if you choose to come on this adventure with us, you can be sure you will be in safe hands!

We aim to visit some of the wildest locations Iceland has to offer.

Whilst we will use the main ring road around Iceland – Route 1 – as our main route, some of the areas we will travel to (depending on the weather conditions) are very remote. We are looking at offering trips for the winter, as well as the summer, providing ample opportunity to see the amazing natural spectacle of the Northern Lights which are visible in Iceland for nearly eight months of the year. During summer, there is daylight almost 24 hours a day and during winter, the sun hardly rises.

Iceland is known as “The Land of Fire and Ice” and is a country of extreme contrasts. Its glacial landscapes have been used as the location for filming of the popular Game of Thrones series and it is, of course, well known for its volcano activity. This results in some amazing driving conditions for 4x4s. Off-roading is actually illegal in Iceland due to the fragility of its soil and vegetation. However, its gravel roads and ash from previous volcanic eruptions will give you the feeling of driving on the moon! Some of the roads you may drive along are actually rivers at certain times of year and the fjords which criss-cross the region provide some exhilarating opportunities. Due to the geothermal conditions, you may find hot springs mixing with the waters feeding in from icy cold streams which provides for some exotic bathing opportunities. Waterfalls are also numerous here and, together with those special Arctic light levels, you will be glad of the photos taken by our guide to capture these amazing moments.

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Planned wild camping is forbidden in Iceland so overnight stays will be at pre-booked campsites, guesthouses or hotels. There are also some great bunk houses and hotels; the choice is yours depending on what level of comfort you require at the end of the day.

There will be ample opportunity to incorporate some exciting activities throughout this trip, such as whale watching or perhaps a visit to Great Geysir, one of Iceland’s greatest natural attractions. Although the activity of Great Geysir itself has stopped in recent years, it is a vast geothermal area with other active geysers in close proximity thus providing bubbling mud pots, hissing steam vents and hot springs.

There are a wealth of extra activities to explore, in addition to the fantastic 4x4 conditions. If whale watching takes your fancy, there are more than 20 types of different whale species populating the waters around Iceland. Perhaps a helicopter trip is the thrill you are after? There are many of these trips available, taking in active volcanos and old lava fields; huge glaciers and stunning craters; winding fjords and majestic waterfalls.

Iceland can provide you with some of the most exciting off-roading opportunities around so do please contact us with any specific requirements you may have in mind and we are happy to tailor a trip to suit you.

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