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Challenge yourself.....
Come with us on a 4x4 adventure like no other!!

Mudrut is a specialist 4x4 adventure company, offering UK based breaks and also guided European tours to destinations such as The Pyrenees and the Arctic Circle.
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A Pyrenees adventure.....

Mudrut runs several two-week camping adventures throughout the year to cater for every kind of adventurer. We will guide you over high, rugged peaks and through low, lush pastures.

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Northern Lights Chase.....

The thought of the Arctic Tundra conjures up all kinds of images but little could prepare you for the unexpected beauty of northern Scandinavia during the harshest, winter months.

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Expeditions provide a good reason to become as disconnected as you like.

The Mudrut team are highly skilled off road veterans with many years of experience taking guided tours in to the harshest of wilderness. Our 2016 Nordkapp adventure will be our 5th expedition to the Arctic Circle.

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We are always excited to introduce people to this place and almost envious of their first time.

Superb scenery, intriguing history and wondrous driving tracks make the Pyrenees a place you can visit. But be warned, you’ll want to go back.

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Let's go explore!

The European Arctic is closer to home than you might think! So why not consider Northern Europe? We can take you in search of those mystical Northern Lights.

There are few people who do not have witnessing the Aurora Borealis on their life’s wish list. Throw in winter wonderland landscapes straight from a postcard and the chance to visit the Ice Hotel or a snowmobile trip across the tundra and it is easy to see how attractive Scandinavia is as a winter overland destination.

Nordkapp Expedition

Spend the evenings beside the warmth of the log-burning stove inside our Tipis.

After an exhilarating day following ice and snow covered trails, what could be better! Once you are in the warmth, perhaps the only thing which could tempt you outside again is to view the ethereal Northern Lights swirling against the back drop of a star-filled sky, with silhouettes of pine trees dotted around. After witnessing this spectacular sight, you will be glad to return to the fire, wrap up in reindeer skins and get some rest, ready for another adrenaline-fueled day out in the wilderness again!

Nordkapp – the most northerly point you can drive to in Europe. Further north than Iceland, less than 2,000km from the North Pole.